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Cluster Subjects
This process performs a subject-level clustering of patients with each of the domain indicators.
What do I need?
This process requires demographic-, exposure- events-, findings-, and treatment-related variables . These include:
LB variables ( LBTEST and LBSTRESN ),
VS variables ( VSTEST and VSSTRESN ),
EG variables ( EGTEST and EGSTRESN ),
an MH variable ( MHDECOD ),
a DS variable ( DSDECOD ),
an AE variable ( AEDECOD ), and
a CM variable ( CMDECOD ).
All variables must be in a single table (typically ADSL ). The table must be open and in focus and patients to be profiled must be selected before you open the process. The process runs automatically for all of the selected patients.
Refer to the Cluster Subjects output documentation for detailed descriptions and guides to interpreting your results.