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Create Subject Filter
This process generates a subject-specific filter that is applied to all subsequent processes run on the data for the study. Only those patients specified by the filter are carried through the analyses.
What do I need?
A data table containing patient records must be open and in focus and patients to be specified must be selected before you open this process. The data table must include the USUBJID variable .
This process generates a list of the selected patients to use as a filter, as confirmed by the message shown below.
Click OK to dismiss this message.
Click Remove Filter to remove the subject filter.
Click View Selected Subjects to show the subject filter (in the form of a JMP table).
This source data for this JMP table is subjectfilter.sas7bdat . This data set contains a list of Unique Subject Identifier s ( USUBJID ) used to subset subsequent processes.
Tip : To apply the filter, check Apply subject filter from any process dialog .
This data set is stored in the study Output Folder .