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Create Cross Domain Data
This process adds data for various domains to the adsl.sas7bdat table corresponding to incidence of variables in the AE , CM , LB , and MH domains and a summary statistic for LB , EG , and VS domain values. The process converts all character variables with values N and Y to numeric variables with values 0 and 1, respectively. The resulting output data set is suitable for pattern discovery and predictive modeling. A transposed version of the data set is also produced. Both versions are useful for clustering .
What do I need?
This process requires the subject level analysis data set ( ADSL ) included in the Analysis Data Model ( ADaM ) and domain data sets from the Study Data Tabulation Model ( SDTM , v3.1.1). SDTM domains include Adverse Events ( AE ), Concomitant Medications, ( CM ), Demographics ( DM ), Disposition ( DS ), ECG Test Results ( EG ), Exposure ( EX ), Laboratory Test Results ( LB ), Medical History ( MH ), and Vital Signs ( VS ).
The output generated by this process is summarized in a tabbed report. Refer to the Create Cross Domain Data output documentation for detailed descriptions and guides to interpreting your results.