Appendixes | Clinical | Add Study from Folders

Add Study from Folders
This process adds a study (see Studies ) from folders that contain CDISC -formatted data. You must add a study before you can perform the analysis. This process can also import SAS transport files for you.
What do I need?
Note : This process ignores CDI and metadata server permissions, and assumes appropriate rights for data access.
The following table summarizes the minimum requirements of new studies.
a Study Name
the location of either the SDTM or SEND Folder or the ADaM Folder
The SDTM or SEND Folder must contain the following domains: AE , CM , DM , DS , EG , EX , LB , MH , and VS .
The ADaM Folder must contain adsl.sas7bdat .
The same folder cannot be specified in the SDTM or SEND Folder and ADaM Folder fields.
Note : If JMP is connected to SAS on a server, the SDTM or SEND Folder and/or ADaM Folder must reside on the server that you are adding the study to.
The study and associated metadata is added to your database.