Appendixes | Clinical | Add Study from SDD

Add Study from SDD
This process adds a study (see Studies ) from a SAS Drug Development (SDD) server that contain CDISC -formatted data. You must add a study before you can perform the analysis. This process can also import SAS transport files for you.
What do I need?
Your JMP Clinical software must be enabled to access the SDD server containing your data. If not already configured, you should run the Configure Life Sciences Settings process to specify the enable your machine.
You must be a licensed user of both SAS Drug Development and have a registered login ID and password and permission to access these files on the SDD server. When you open this process, you are first prompted to enter your credentials.
JAVA v1.7 or higher is required for this process (download it here ).
The following table summarizes the minimum requirements of new studies.
a Study Name
the location of either the SDTM or SEND Folder and/or the ADaM Folder
(a MedDRA Folder is optional )
The SDTM folder must contain the following domains: AE , CM , DM , DS , EG , EX , LB , MH , and VS .
The ADaM folder must contain adsl.sas7bdat .
The same folder cannot be specified in the SDTM or SEND Folder and ADaM Folder fields.
an Output Folder
When you click Create, the files in the specified folders are downloaded to your local machine. Once this is complete, the Add Study from Folders process runs automatically and generates the new study. The study and associated metadata is added to your database.