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Migrate Studies
This process enables you to migrate studies from previous versions of JMP Clinical to the current one. This process must be run before you can analyze the prior studies using the current version of JMP Clinical.The process lets you choose which studies to migrate and provides an option to enable future snapshot comparisons.
What do I need?
Because, new features have been added to the software that require enhanced study metadata , his process requires that the new version of JMP Clinical be installed before migrating previous studies. You must run this process only after completing the installation, but you can migrate studies at any time after that.
Note : If the study to be migrated has the same name as a currently loaded study, you cannot migrate it; you must first either rename or delete the current study
Running this process opens a Migrate Studies window (shown below) where you can select the previous studies to migrate.
The Manage Studies dialog opens with the desired options specified and runs automatically.
Note : The process can take several minutes to run depending on the number and size of studies that you choose.
When the migration has been completed, the following window appears:
The migrated study is now ready for analysis.