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Journal Builder
Journal Builder creates a journal ( .jrn ) file containing the results of your specified processes. Unlike Workflow Builder , which runs processes and journals their results, Journal Builder merely compiles the results of already-run processes into a journal.
What do I need?
A folder of processes is all that is needed to run Review Builder .
Note : The selected settings file and its associated output files must be located in the same folder. If the Settings file and its associated output are in separate folders, they cannot be used for this process.
A sample set of results to include in the review, in the process of construction, is shown below. Using the selection and ordering buttons, the workflow starts with Distribution Analysis and ends with Correlation and Principal Variance Component Analysis .
Note : Processes with only one result appear with the process name only. If more than one result from the same process is found, each result is also shown with the corresponding setting or study name, domain, or numeric suffix corresponding to the process run, where appropriate.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets .
The output of Review Builder consists of a Journal (review) containing the results of the processes in the order that you specified.
An example output journal is shown below.
Click Open Workflow Builder Dialog to open the Workflow Builder dialog , where the settings for each of the processes in the workflow are displayed. You can select and edit individual settings to adjust your analysis. Refer to Workflow Builder for more information.