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GWAS Testing
Click on a button corresponding to a genome-wide association studies ( GWAS ) process. Refer to the table below and the Comparison of Association Testing Processes for guidance.
Quickly and easily performing association mapping of a binary trait (with two generic levels case and control ) using a chi-square test on genetic marker data
Exploring and revealing population structure based on SNP genotypes for a sample; or, adjusting for population stratification or allele frequency variation due to ancestral differences in association tests
Testing association between various types of traits and individual SNPs , in a modeling framework allowing fixed and random effect adjustment, in large whole genomes or other very large data sets
Tip : For studies involving multi-allelic markers, use Marker-Trait Association . Where SNP genotypes are imputed, use Imputed SNP-Trait Association . For complex survey designs, choose Survey SNP-Trait Association .
Note : Unlike other genetic association processes, this process requires a stacked input data set.
Testing association between various types of traits and SNP genotypes or alleles from a single SNP at a time, taking into account complex survey designs
Performing association analysis of family data, using one or more family association tests, to map binary traits, and to facilitate the analysis of X-linked markers
Performing a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies by combining p-values or effects for a SNP from multiple studies and calculating a combined p -value
See Other Association Testing for additional association testing processes.
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