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Other Association Testing
Click on a button corresponding to an association testing process not generally used for GWAS . Refer to the table below and the Comparison of Association Testing Processes for guidance.
Testing association between various types of traits and numerically coded genotypes from multiple SNPs at a time using logistic, linear, survival regression , and generalized linear mixed models on SNP genotypes themselves or principal components used to represent the SNP genotypes
Rare Variant Tutorial
Testing association between a trait or disease and rare variants , and optionally common variants, that occur in the same gene or pathway
Testing association between multiple traits (separately and jointly) and SNP genotypes or alleles from a single SNP at a time
Testing association between various types of traits and marker genotypes (using ANOVA ) or alleles (using regression testing) from a single marker at a time, with many adjustments possible, including for Q and K matrices representing population structure and relatedness, respectively
Caution : This process can take an inordinate amount of time and computational resources. Consider choosing SNP-Trait Association when analyzing SNPs or multiallelic markers that can be treated as SNPs based on the most frequent allele.
Used to fit different combinations of Q and K variables and model fitness information from each model, such as AIC, AICC.
Note : You must already have computed the Q and K matrices.
See GWAS Testing for additional association testing processes.
See Genetics for other subcategories.