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2D Biplots
The 2D Biplots tab is shown below:
The 2D Biplots tab contains the following elements:
For each of the three pairs of the first 3 principal components from the linear-bilinear model, a plot is displayed with a symbol at the value of the pair of principal components, one on the y -axis and one on the x -axis, for each genotype and each environment .
Genotypes have a blue triangle as their symbol, and environments are represented by red circles.
In general, a genotype "close to" an environment, in terms of the angle between the vectors drawn from the origin to the genotype and environment symbols, shows specific adaptation to that environment. Genotype points that are close to the origin show a broader adaptation to the environments. See Gower and Hand (1996) 1 for more information about interpreting these plots.

Gower, J.C. and Hand, D.J (1996). Biplots. Chapman & Hall, London, UK. ISBN 0412716305