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All Trends Odds Ratio Plots
This tab displays the odds ratio volcano plots from all the annotation groups in a single display.
Note : This tab is named Trends Odds Ratio Plot when either when no Annotation Group Variable is specified or when there is only one annotation group.
The y -axis variable of this scatter plot is the p-value from the association test, converted to the -log or -log 10 scale if selected in the process dialog . The x -axis plots the log of the odds ratio for each marker. If the log odds are 0, then the odds ratio is 1 implying the odds of being affected with the disease (or whatever the trait variable represents) is the same for any number of minor alleles at that particular SNP . Values on the x -axis greater than 0 represent odds ratios greater than 1, and thus the odds of being affected increases with the number of minor alleles composing the genotype . The opposite is true for log odds less than 0. A horizontal reference line is drawn as a red, dashed line at the significance level that was specified. For -log - or -log 10 -converted p-values, markers above this line are significant; for p -values on the original scale, markers below the line are significant.
Note : Odds ratio volcano plots are generated only for binary traits and only when the Calculate trend odds ratios check box is checked.
See Volcano Plot for more information.