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Distributions (Verify Gender)
The Distributions tab is shown below:
The Distributions tab contains the following elements:
This tab displays the distribution for the three variables computed by this process, GeneticSex , GenderError , and HetPercent .
For GeneticSex and GenderError , which are binary variables , frequencies are shown for the two possible values, with counts given below the chart. GeneticSex is calculated according to the Heterozygosity values specified using the Maximum X Chromosome Heterozygosity for Males and the Minimum X Chromosome Heterozygosity for Females parameters in the process dialog . In this example, there was no Sex variable in the original data set, so GenderError is always reported as 1, but when the Sex variable does exist, this will be 1 when the original sex and GeneticSex do not match and 0 otherwise.
For HetPercent , the percentage of heterozygosity on the X chromosome for each individual, a Histogram and Box Plot are displayed along with quantiles and summary statistics.