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Genotype Color Plots
The Genotype Color Plots tab is shown below:
Note : This tab is shown only when a Genotype Data Set is specified and the Display marker genotype cell color plots option is checked.
The Genotype Color Plots tab contains the following elements:
Each genotype color plot shows a visual representation of the input genotype data set for each linkage group with markers along the top in the order as computed by the process. Each row corresponds to a line/sample in the genotype data set. Genotypes are consistently colored red to represent homozygosity for Parental Line 1, gray to represent heterozygous genotypes, and blue for lines that are homozygous for Parental Line 2. Depending on the cross type, you might see all colors or only a subset (for example, a backcross to parental line 1 should show only red and gray colors).
These plots are useful to visualize the full marker data set, for evaluating the marker order and for detecting potential genotyping errors.