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Overlay Plots (Malecot LD Map)
The Overlay Plots tab is shown below:
The Overlay Plots tab contains the following elements:
A plot of the M and L parameter estimates over physical regions for each BY group .
The M and L parameter estimates 1 are used, along with an estimate of the LD measure Rho (calculated using the Linkage Disequilibrium analytical procedure ) to fit the Malecot model Rho = (1-L)*M*exp(-E_i*d_i)+L to each interval of length d_i kb between consecutive SNPs via nonlinear optimization routines. Distances between pairs of SNPs can then be represented in terms of LD units (LDU), which are computed by summing ( E_i*d_i ) over all intervals between the pair of SNPs, and are shown on the Bivariate Plots (Malecot LD Map) tab.

M represents the youngest haplotype that is monophyletic . L represents the bias that occurs over large distances. See Maniatis et al . (2002) for more details.