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Results (MIM Analysis)
The Results tab is shown below:
The Results tab contains the following elements:
These Overlay Plot s show the computed LOD score and Effect Size (on the y -axis) versus the QTL testing location (on the x -axis, measured in centiMorgans or Morgans) for each chromosome/linkage group.
Black diamonds and upside-down read triangles near the x -axis in the LOD score plot indicate the position of markers and mapped QTL, respectively, and they are displayed when the option to Display markers and Display QTL location , respectively, have been checked in the Options tab from the QTL IM, CIM and MIM Analysis application process.
This tab also shows tables of Model Fit Information ( -log 2 Likelihood, AIC, AICc, BIC, and R -squared), Table of Mapped QTL, Table of QTL Effects, and Table of Non-QTL Effects (effects of covariates other than QTL that might be present in the model ).