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Trait Statistics
The Summary Chart tab (shown below) gives an overview of the counts of significant genes for each test in each annotation plotting group.
The Summary Chart tab contains the following elements:
The table lists the overall correlation between the mean , max, min, and range for the crosses.
This plot shows the correlation between the trait statistics for each individual cross. Each dot in the plot represents the progeny of one cross. You can mouse over a point to view the cross parents and plotted statistics. The closer the points are to a linear distribution , the higher the correlation
In this example, in which assesses each cross for likelihood of showing disease, there is a fairly tight positive correlation between disease means and maxima, There is a lower correlation between means and range.
Note : The highlighted point represents the progeny of a selfing of parent 50_2 and shows both the highest mean and maximum disease prevalence. If the goal of the study is to select breeding stock with the lowest chance of disease, this would not be the cross to choose.