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Volcano Plot(s) (Survey SNP-Trait Association)
The Volcano Plot ( s ) tab contains one or more Volcano Plot s, as shown below:
When the Trend test is performed, a scatter plot shows the p-values and estimates of minor allele genotype effect for the Trend test, for all annotation groups. The y -axis variable of this scatter plot is the p -value from the trend test, converted to the -log or -log 10 scale if selected in the process dialog . The x -axis plots the estimate of the minor allele genotype effect for each marker. When the trait is binary, this is the same value as the log odds ratio, so this plot is identical to the Odds Ratio Volcano Plots (shown on the All P-Value Plots tab) with all annotation groups overlaid onto a single plot. When the trait is continuous, this is the fixed effect estimate for the genotype variable in the trend test (treating genotype as a continuous variable). A positive value on the x -axis indicates a positive correlation of the number of minor alleles for that marker's genotype with the trait.
For all volcano plots , a horizontal reference line is drawn as a red, dashed line at the significance level that was specified. For -log- or -log 10 -converted p-values, markers above this line are significant; for p -values on the original scale, markers below the line are significant.
Markers can be selected either by clicking on annotation groups in the legend below the plot or by selecting points in the plot using left-click with the mouse. If any BY variables were selected, a separate set of plots is displayed for each BY group .