Getting Started with JMP Life Sciences | Files and Data Sets

Files and Data Sets
Many, but not all, files used or created by JMP Life Sciences products are SAS Data Sets , which have a .sas7bdat file extension. Refer to the table below for guidance on filetype terminology.
Data Set 1
( .sas7bdat file)
not a SAS Data Set
( non - .sas7bdat file)
( .jmp file)
Secondary data storage format in JMP Life Sciences software. Most processes cannot use this input format directly. 2 Refer to JMP Help for more information.
( .sas file)
Journal or Review
( .jrn file)
( .jmpaddin file)

The terms “Data Set” and “SAS Data Set” are interchangeable. The addition of “SAS” in phrases serves only as a reminder that “Data Sets” are .sas7bdat files.

Although a few processes work directly on an open and in focus JMP table (such as those processes found under the General Utilities submenu), JMP tables ( .jmp file extension) usually cannot be used in place of SAS Data Sets. Use the Save As SAS Data Set utility ( Genomics > SAS Data Set Utilities > Import / Export > Save As SAS Data Set ), or the File > Save As... command to convert an open JMP table into a SAS Data Set.

Refer to the links at the top of this page, in the table, or next to individual parameters on process dialogs ( ? links), for more information about files and data sets.