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Using Studies
Create a Study
You can create a new study either by:
running any of the Import processes with a New Study name entered.
Select a Study
Select the desired study by using either the Starter Current Study button or the Study button located at the top of the General tab of most process dialogs.
Tip : To use no study, select the blank entry .
Rename a Study
Use the Manage Genomics Studies process to rename a study.
View Study Metadata
Use the View Study Metadata process to view detailed metadata for any study. This metadata includes data sets, settings, and process logs.
Associate Default Data Sets and Variables with a Study
Use the Assign Default Data Sets process to specify the data sets that are loaded by default for a study.
Use the Assign Wide Variable Roles process to assign default roles to variables in a wide data set.
You can also use the Manage Genomics Studies process to associate data sets with a study. Data set associations for the study are also updated as processes are run with the study selected, as described in the Benefits of Using Studies section.
Combine Studies
Use the Manage Genomics Studies process to combine two or more studies.
Delete a Study
Use the Manage Genomics Studies process to delete all or part of a study.
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