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Expand Multiallelic Genotypes
Running this process for the SSRExample sample setting generates one output data set accessed from a Results window shown below. Refer to the Expand Multiallelic Genotypes process description for more information about this process.
The Results window contains the following panes:
Output Data
This process generates the following output data sets:
Output Expanded Genotype Data Set: The output data set contains one column per allele at each marker, with either dominant coding indicating the presence of that allele in the marker or additive coding indicating the number of copies of that allele the genotype comprises.
The panel on the top, which comes from the input data set, shows the genotypes for the first ten individuals at marker SSR1 . The alleles at this locus are delineated by a “/”. The panel at the bottom, which comes from the output data set, shows the expanded genotypes for the SSR1 marker.
Annotation Data Set : An updated annotation data set is created as well, with one row per marker allele for all alleles that are included in the genotype data set.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets .
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