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Data Set Containing LSMeans Differences to Include
Use this option to specify the full path and name of the SAS Data Set containing the LSMeans differences to include in the analysis.
The LSMeans Differences Data Set can be created using the Difference Chooser process. Both an Effect variable and variables to specify the levels of the Effects that you want to calculate differences between are required. A variable named Reverse is also required if you would like to reverse the direction of the LSMeans difference.
Important : The LSMean parameters settings ( LSMeans Effects , LSMeans Difference Set , LSMeans Control Levels ) that were used to create this data set in Difference Chooser must match the LSMean parameter settings in this process.
You can launch the Difference Chooser process with the EDDS, LSMeans effects, and output data set already specified by clicking Difference Chooser .
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets .
To Specify the Data Set Containing the LSMeans Differences:
The method used for this specification can vary depending on whether JMP is connected to SAS on your local machine or connected to SAS on a server. You should refer to the Specifying Folders, Files, and Data Sets documentation for detailed information.