Parameters | Expression Parameters | Number of LOESS Iterations

Number of LOESS Iterations
Use this field/slider to specify the total number of iterations to be done.
The first iteration performs an initial LOESS fit.
Subsequent iterations perform iterative reweighting. Such iterations are appropriate when there are outliers in the data or when the error distribution is a symmetric long-tailed distribution.
The default number of iterations is 1 .
To Specify the Number of Loess Iterations:
Either type the desired value (an integer between 1 and 20 ) in the text field, or move the slider to the right or to the left to change the value.
Tip : To change the scale of the slider, right-click on the slider and select Rescale Slider from the pop-up menu. Change the upper and/or lower boundaries in the window that appears, to rescale the slider and click OK .