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PROC MIXED Statements
Enter SAS PROC MIXED statements in this field to override default parameters for the model .
You can specify any PROC MIXED statement except for the PROC, BY, or RUN statements.
PROC MIXED statements are written in the following syntax:
Statement var 1 ... var n ;
Statement is the PROC MIXED statement,
var 1 ...var n are the variables (or specific values) specified,
italicized items indicate a variable, or option to be specified,
the statement ends with a semicolon ( ; ), and
Note : Variables specified here can come from either the adsl.sas7bdat or ae.sas7bdat data sets.
Examples of commonly used PROC MIXED statements are listed in the following table.
CLASS var 1 ... var n ;
names a single dependent variable and the fixed effects that determine the X matrix of the model
MODEL Response = < fixed effects >;
Note : In the Mixed Model Analysis analytical procedure , the data file and the EDDS are combined into a stacked SAS data set where all of the probe intensity values are combined into a single column that is named Response by default. Your PROC MIXED Model statement must use this variable name, as shown above.
RANDOM random effects ;
LSMEANS fixed effects ;
specifies the R matrix in the model
REPEATED < repeated effect >;
ESTIMATE ‘ label ’< fixed effect values > <| random effect values >;
To Specify One or More PROC MIXED Statements:
For Additional Information
Refer to the SAS documentation for PROC MIXED for more information.