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Pseudo-Likelihood Convergence Criterion
Use this text box to specify an estimate for determining the convergence for iterations which numerically solve certain GLIMMIX models using a Pseudo-Likelihood approach.
The number specified here is multipled by 10 -8 and the product is specified as the optional parameter PCONV in PROC GLIMMIX. The GLIMMIX procedure applies this criterion to fixed-effects estimates and covariance parameter estimates.
Refer to the SAS documentation for PROC GLIMMIX for more information.
Note : If you see non-convergence notes regarding PCONV in the log after you run ANOVA process, you can increase this number to have a less restrictive criterion and thus avoid this convergence error. You should experiment with different values to achieve a reasonable restrictive criterion and strike a reasonable balance between convergence errors and reliability.
To Specify a Pseudo-Likelihood Convergence Criterion: