Parameters | Expression Parameters | PROC MIXED/GLIMMIX Statements

Use this field to specify appropriate SAS PROC MIXED/GLIMMIX statements,
Note : Do not specify the PROC, BY, and RUN statements in this field.
The specification is in this form to provide you with maximum power and flexibility to fit various models . The most common statements that you will need are CLASS, MODEL, RANDOM, ESTIMATE, and LSMEANS, but most any valid PROC MIXED/GLIMMIX commands will work.
The choice of which PROC to apply depends on the selections specified using the Type of Data , Distribution of Data , and Link Function options.
Note : Use of this option requires an understanding of SAS syntax. You should refer to the documentation for SAS PROC MIXED or SAS PROC GLIMMIX and/or seek statistical assistance from an experienced SAS programmer.
To Specify One or More PROC MIXED/GLIMMIX Statements: