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Order Algorithm
Use this parameter to specify the algorithm to use for determining an initial marker order for each linkage group.
For the standard Linkage Map Order process:
Available algorithms are described in the table below:
( experimental )
This process uses OptNet procedure in SAS/OR.
For the Linkage Map Order for Outcrosses process 1
Available algorithms are described in the table below:
Uses the Order.seq function from OneMap R package 1 . If a Framework Order Variable is specified on either of the General or Order Data Set tabs, a customized Order.seq function is used to honor the order of markers in the given framework.
Uses the rcd function from OneMap. This function implements the Rapid Chain Delineation algorithm (Doerge, 1996 2 ).
Uses the seriation function from OneMap. This function implements the Seriation algorithm (Buetow and Chakravarti, 1987 3 ).
Uses the record function from OneMap. This function implements the Recombination Counting and Ordering algorithm (Van Os et al ., 2005 4 ).
Uses the ug function from OneMap. This function implements the Unidirectional Growth algorithm (Tan and Fu, 2006 5 ).
Uses the compare function from OneMap.
Note : This function can be very time-demanding if there are many markers in the linkage group (more than 10 markers, for example), because this function compares all possible orders of the markers. For m markers, this function compares all m!/2 possible orders of markers.

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Note : When a variable is specified in the Marker Order Variable field in the Order Data Set tab, none of these algorithms are used. Instead, a map is estimated using the OneMap map function. This function estimates multipoint log -likelihood, linkage phases, and recombination ratios for a given fixed order of markers.
To Specify the Algorithm to Be Used:

Note : This process is available in the Outcross Linkage Map Analysis JMP Add-In only. This Add-In is available for installation from C:\Program Files\SASHome\JMPGenomics\11\Genomics\OutCross directory or for download from the JMP File Exchange web page.