Parameters | Genetics | Use rank-based statistic for tests

Use rank-based statistic for tests
Check this box to calculate a test statistic using the ranks of the individuals' scores instead of actual scores when the trait is binary and regression -based tests are selected with a fixed threshold. .
You can perform an asymptotic Wilcoxon test that does not rely on permutations if you check this box and enter 0 for the Number of Permutations to Perform text box. This asymptotic test is similar to the method described in Madsen and Browning (2009), but uses the actual expected value and variance of the rank statistic under the null hypothesis (Randles and Wolfe 1979), instead of estimates from permuted data, and can be applied to models using other weights as well
Note : This option is available only when Regression-based tests are specified in the Type of Model parameter and the Use a variable threshold for including variants parameter is unchecked .
To Specify This Option:
Make sure that the Regression-based model is specified.