Parameters | Genetics | Number of Linkage Groups

Number of Linkage Groups
Use this field/slider to specify the number of linkage groups to form.
Typically, the number of linkage groups is equal to the number of chromosomes in the genome of interest. The value entered here will determine the number of clusters (linkage groups) to form after performing hierarchical clustering on the matrix of pairwise recombination rates.
Note : The groups are saved to the output data set in a new variable named LGroup .
To Specify the Number of Linkage Groups:
Make sure that the Number of Linkage Groups option is selected in the Define linkage groups based on the: parameter.
Tip : To change the scale of the slider, right-click on the slider and select Rescale Slider from the pop-up menu. Change the upper and/or lower boundaries in the window that appears, to rescale the slider and click OK .