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Framework Order Variable
Use this field to specify a framework order variable containing values for certain markers in the Input SAS Data Set for which you want to fix the order for according to the order of the values of this variable within linkage groups.
This variable is used by the Linkage Map Order process to find the optimal marker order while honoring the constraints of the order of framework markers.
Note : This variable should be specified in the Recombination and Linkage Groups process even though it is not used in this process so that it is included in the output data set to be used in the Linkage Map Order process.
To Specify the Framework Order Variable:
Specify the appropriate data set 1 .
All of the variables in the specified data set are displayed in the Available Variables field.
Click to add the highlighted variable to the Framework Order Variable field, as shown below:

In the Recombination and Linkage Groups process, the Framework Map Data Set contains this variable. In the Linkage Map Order process, this variable can be specified from the Input SAS Data Set or from the Order Data Set .