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Window Size in cM
Use the text box to specify the window size (in cM) for each testing interval.
A marker interval is defined as the region in the chromosome delimited by two adjacent markers, left and right, for which we are testing for the existence of a putative QTL . The window size (of length W centiMorgans (cM)) defined here spans the region to the to the left of the left-hand marker interval and again to the right of the right-hand marker. The total region includes the marker interval flanked to the left and the right by a region whose length is defined here.
In the CIM analysis, any marker-cofactor-marker that falls within these two regions are ignored when fitting the linear model for the putative QTL.
In the MIM analysis, the left and right window sizes of any marker interval that has already a QTL in the model are avoided when searching for new putative QTL.
To Specify the Window Size