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Marker Type
Use this field to specify the variable from the input SAS data set that defines cross type (as defined by for each marker in the study) used in the outcrossing study.
Possible cross types 1 are described in the table below:
Loci are heterozygous in both parents. All four codominant alleles are different and segregate in a 1:1:1:1 ratio.
B 1
B 2
B 3
D 1
Locus in one parent is heterozygous, locus in the other parent is homozygous .
D 2
To Specify the Marker Type Variable:
All of the variables in the specified annotation data set are displayed in the Available Variables field.
Click to add the highlighted variable to the Marker Type field, as shown below:

Wu, R, C-X Ma, I Painter, and Z-B Zeng. 2002. Simultaneous maximum likelihood estimation of linkage and linkage phases in outcrossing species. Theor. Pop. Biol . 61: 349-363.