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Type of File Conversion
Use this feature to specify the type of conversion and import to be done.
Conversion options are described below:
Note: The OneMap function read.outcross reads non-delimited genotypes data, as described by Wu et al. 2002 1 . The Text file must be built according to the guidelines of MAPMAKER raw file for genotypes coded as described by Lincoln, et al . 1993 2 .
To Choose the Type of File Conversion to Perform:

Wu et al. 2002. Simultaneous Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Linkage and Linkage Phases in Outcrossing Species. Theor Popul Biol 61:349--363

Lincoln, et al . 1993.Constructing genetic linkage maps with MAPMAKER/EXP Version 3.0: a tutorial and reference manual. A Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Technical Report.