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Response Density SAS Statements
Specify SAS DATA step statements to execute in order to compute the final response.
The statements must create a variable named Response and reference the variable Density .
Density is the output from SAS PROC KDE and contains the kernel-smoothed density estimates based on the input values of Z . Depending on the scale of Z , you might wish to perform an additional transformation using this code.
For example, suppose Z contains the original spectral intensities, and you want to compute a shifted log 2 response. Then a possible transformation would be Response = (log 2 ( Density +(1/32)) + 5) * 5.
Alternatively, if your Z values are already log 2 transformed, you might wish to work directly with the Density values.
The default response is Response = Density .
Refer to Base SAS documentation for additional details about SAS programming statements.
To Specify SAS DATA Step Statements to Compute the Final Response:
Enter the statements directly into the Response Density SAS Statements text field.