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PROC CORR Statement Options
Enter SAS PROC CORR options in this field to override default parameters for computing the correlation.
You can specify any PROC CORR option using the following syntax:
OPTION is the PROC CORR option.
Examples of commonly used PROC CORR options are listed in the following table:
This option outputs the highest correlation coefficients for each variable . Correlations are ordered from highest to lowest in absolute value.
When you specify the COV option, the Pearson correlations are also displayed.
Note : If you specify the Hoeffding coefficient, the statistics are displayed in order from highest to lowest.
To Specify One or More PROC CORR Options:
Type specific PROC CORR options in the PROC CORR Statement Options field.
For Additional Information
Refer to the SAS PROC CORR documentation for more information.