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Documentation and Help
Many helpful resources are available for maximizing your experience with JMP Genomics, including documentation on JMP Genomics and SAS, a comment and feature request tool, and information about contacting Technical Support. Refer to the table below for guidance on these resources.
Getting Started with JMP Life Sciences , where software basics, data set fundamentals, and examples are discussed
An overview of every process and parameter found in JMP Life Sciences
Appendixes , including a table of file suffixes ( see JMP Life Sciences Files are Identified by Suffixes ), a table of SAS PROCs used in processes ( see JMP Life Sciences Processes Call SAS PROCS ), a Glossary , a Trouble Shooting guide, References , and an index
Tip : Much of this information can also be accessed by clicking ? -buttons found throughout JMP Life Sciences software.
Tip : More comprehensive SAS documentation can be found on the web .
See the JMP Genomics Starter main page for other process categories.