JMP Genomics Starter | Studies

Introduction to Studies
What is a Study?
A study is a construct that helps you organize and track the data sets and settings associated with a particular study or project. Specifically, a study consists of a Study Name associated with collections of zero or more data sets and zero or more settings, possibly located in various folders.
Benefits of Using Studies
Using a study greatly simplifies browsing for an input data set or a setting to load. Dialogs initially display all data sets and settings associated with the selected study, even if they are saved to different folders . You are prompted for the correct type of data set to choose, whether it is a wide or tall data set (see Tall and Wide Data Sets ), an Annotation Data Set , or an Experimental Design Data Set (EDDS) . You can easily navigate to a data set not yet associated with the study and associate it for future data set selection. When you run a process with a study selected, the study is automatically updated with the output data sets created and the setting that is run. A metadata folder for each study provides a central location for tracking all the processes that have been run, in both the _processinfo.sas7bdat data set and the StudyLog.txt file.