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Click on a button corresponding to a SAS data set column utility . Refer to the table below for guidance.
Creating, removing, or changing the labels for one or more variables in a SAS data set
Changing the lengths of variables in a SAS data set
Tip : Reduce disk space and computational time by shortening long character variables .
Note : This process does not change the length of numeric variables .
Renaming one or more primary data variables in a tall data set, and creating a new Experimental Design Data Set (EDDS) to accompany it
Rearranging the column order in a data set
Tip : This is especially useful for reorganizing a data set formed by merging two or more disparate data sets.
Removing columns from a wide data set based on a filter specified using variables from the corresponding tall data set to filter its rows
Combining columns of a tall data set together, computing a summary statistic, and creating an accompanying reduced EDDS
Example : This process can be used to average and combine replicate runs of data from an experiment into one column.
Computing a variety of summary statistics for variables in a SAS data set
See SAS Data Set Utilities for other subcategories.