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Test Results
The Test Results tab is shown below:
The Test Results tab contains the following elements:
Distribution analyses of the correlations and their associated -log 10 p-values .
You can study these distributions to see the how the cross correlations are distributed. You can also see which correlations are significantly different from zero. Use your mouse to select correlations of interest.
Drill-down buttons: provide you with an easy way to drill down into your data.
The following Drill-down buttons are generated by this process:
Find All Correlations for Selected Variables : Click this button to find subsets of correlations associated with specific pairs of variables . A new distribution analysis is created with only these correlations.
Plot Input Data for Selected Correlations : Click this button to plot the data behind correlations that you select, using JMP's Bivariate platform. This lets you see the raw data used to compute correlations of interest.