Parameters | Expression Parameters | Gradient Convergence Criterion [1,1000000]

Gradient Convergence Criterion [1,1000000]
Use this text box to specify a number to be used for determining the convergence for iterations on a gradient to numerically solve the PROC GLIMMIX model.
The specified value is multiplied by 10-8 and entered into the NLOPTIONS statement in PROC GLIMMIX.
Note: If you see errors regarding NEWRAP convergence in the SAS log after you run the ANOVA, you should increase this number to specify a less restrictive criterion so as to avoid this convergence error. You should experiment with different values to achieve a reasonable restrictive criterion and strike a reasonable balance between convergence errors and reliability.
Please refer to the SAS PROC GLIMMIX documentation for more details.
To Specify a Gradient Convergence Criterion: