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QTDT Tests
Use this feature to specify the type of quantitative transmission disequilibrium test to be performed.
Available tests are described in the following table:
This test (also known as Orthogonal QTDT) regresses the quantitative trait on deviates from the expected genotype conditional on the expected genotype (Abecasis et al., 2000). Both regressors, the expected genotype and deviates, are treated as quantitative. The IBD data set can be used to include all pedigree members in the analysis. Otherwise, founders are not included in the regression and the analysis is valid only for nuclear families with 1 offspring.
This test uses a mixed model to test the fixed genotypic class on the quantitative trait by conditioning on the random effects sibship class (unique for each sibship) and sibship class by genotypic class (Allison et al., 1999).
To Specify One or More Tests:
Press and hold Ctrl to select more than one test.