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Estimate Builder
The Estimate Builder process provides you with a quick and relatively easy method of constructing customized linear hypothesis tests in the form of SAS ESTIMATE statements. These statements are used in both ANOVA and mixed model analyses to test an arbitrary set of linear hypotheses regarding the relative importance of different combinations of fixed effects parameters. Statements are saved to a file that can subsequently be specified in selected processes.
For additional information, refer toEstimate Statements and the Estimate Builder.
What do I need?
One data set, an Experimental Design Data Set (EDDS), is required for this process. This data set tells how the experiment was performed, providing information about the columns of the primary experimental data.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
The example shown here uses the adsl.sas7bdat EDDS shown below. This data set, which is from the Nicardipine experiment described in Nicardipine, and included with JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical in the \LifeSciences\Sample Data\Nicardipine\ADaM directory, provides information about the design of the proposed experiment.
Load the Nicardipine example into the Estimate Builder dialog.
The completed dialog should appear as shown below.
Click Run to generate a second dialog window and the output file.
Note: The output file generated above is initially empty. It must be populated with estimate statements. Running Estimate Builder/Compare Means dynamically generates the Estimate Builder GUI window. This window lists all of the levels of the fixed effects specified in the dialog. Use the Estimate Builder GUI window to build specific ESTIMATE statements.
The Estimate Builder GUI window appears, as shown below.
Examine the Estimate Builder GUI window. Note that the interaction fixed effects, with all associated levels, are listed in the window. This window is used to specify the individual null hypotheses to be tested. To create an ESTIMATE statement for the effect of sex on expression, complete the following step.
Click next to F Asian NIC .15 to set its value to +1.
Click next to F Asian Placebo to set its value to -1.
The settings should appear as shown below.
Type arm diff asian females in the Label for this Estimate field.
Click Create an Estimate Statement Below to generate the estimate statement.
An ESTIMATE statement appears as shown below.
Multiple estimate statements can be constructed and written to the same output file.
Click Clear Entries Above and specify a new combination of + and - values.
Click Create an Estimate Statement Below to generate the estimate statement and add it to the list of estimate statements.
Click Save Estimate Statements to Output File to save the estimate statements to an output file.
The output file generated by the Estimate Builder process can be used in subsequent analyses, such as Mixed Model Power, for example.