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Configure Life Sciences Settings
The Configure Life Sciences Settings process enables you to define various parameter settings and defaults for JMP Life Sciences processes, configure JMP Life Sciences for grid computing, and specify the name of the proxy server through which your organization can access the Internet.
Caution: Changing the default settings can potentially impact the performance and outcome of JMP Genomics processes. You should contact your information systems administrator before running this process.
What do I need?
You can specify as many or as few settings and defaults as you want. These optional specifications can be categorized as follows:
You also have the option to name the settings profile.
Note: To run JMP Life Sciences on a grid, you must have access to and authorization for a SAS metadata server running SAS Grid Manager software. You should contact your information systems administrator for assistance in specifying the grid settings.
Note: To enable access to SAS Drug Development (SDD) study data, you need to know the URL of the specific SDD server containing your data. You should contact your information systems administrator for the URL and your account information.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
The output of this process includes a SAS Message window listing the full paths to, and names of, the settings files and scripts needed to configure the settings that you specified.
All affected settings are set to the new defaults.
Tip: To make additional changes to JMP Life Sciences settings and defaults, simply run this process again as needed.