Appendixes | Rules for Review Package Names

Rules for Review Package Names
Review package names must be unique in order to reside in the same output directory on the creator’s machine and coexist with other reviews on a recipient’s machine.
Caution: Installing a review package with a name identical to one previously installed causes the previously installed review package to be overwritten.
Note: Although the case of your review package name is retained, case differences alone do not make a review package name unique. For example, if you previously created “MYREVIEW”, creating another review package named “MyReview” will overwrite the “MYREVIEW” variant in your study output folder. Likewise, if you are the recipient of a review package, importing “MYREVIEW” followed by “MyReview” will result in “MyReview” being renamed as “MyReview_2”.
Acceptable Characters
Review package names must start with a letter (A-Z a-z). After the first character, review package names can contain any of the following characters:
letters: A-Z a-z
spaces (blanks)
special: ‘ ~ ! @ # ( ) - _ + [ ] { } .
Caution: You should assume that characters not listed above are potentially problematic. Use them at your own risk.
Unacceptable Characters
The following characters have been verified as unacceptable:
special: $ % ^ & * = / \ | ; : ‘ “ , < > ?