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Annotation Plotting Group Results
An Annotation Plotting Group Results tab is shown below:
The Annotation Plotting Group Results tab contains the following elements:
When there are multiple annotation plotting groups, there is a separate results tab for each annotation plotting group containing one or more p-value plots.
The Y-axis variable is the p-value from the association tests, converted to the -log or -log10 scale if selected in the process dialog. The X-axis plots location of the gene according to the annotation location variable of the first SNP of the annotation analysis group within the annotation plotting group.
A horizontal reference line is drawn as a red, dashed line at the significance level that was specified. For -log or -log10-converted p-values, markers above this line are significant; for p-values on the original scale, genes below the line are significant.
Note: For Multiple SNP-Trait Association, all specified tests are included in a single plot with a legend displaying the line and point color and gene for each test. If any BY variables were selected, a separate chart is displayed for each BY group.
The action buttons can be used on genes selected from these tabs as described for the Manhattan Plot tab.