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Manage Tabs...
Click to open the Manage Report Tabs... window shown below:
Select one or more reports and click one of the drill-down buttons.
Note: The asterisks next to report names in the Manage Report Tabs... window indicate that the reports have NOT been run.
Drill Down Buttons
Move Up: Click to move the selected report(s) up in the list.
Move Down: Click to move the selected report(s) down in the list.
Run Selected Reports: Select reports to be run and slick to run all of the specified reports.
Apply subject filter to reports: Click to open the Select a Filter... window. Use the drop-down menu to select and apply a saved filter to the selected reports.
Remove subject filter from reports: Click to remove any previously applied subject filter from the selected reports.
Duplicate reports: Click to add duplicate selected reports and include parameter settings. For example, you might want to add three Findings Time Trends reports, all with changes from baseline setting and showing standard error bars, differing only in the domain being analyzed.
Delete reports from review: Click to delete selected reports from the review.