Parameters | Genetics | Compute the root of the matrix by SVD

Compute the root of the matrix by SVD
Check this box to output a data set containing the square root of the symmetric relationship matrix obtained via Singular Value Decomposition. This data set can then be used for input into the Q-K Mixed Model analytical process.
The prefix of the columns for the matrix will be the choice of relationship metric: IBD (Identity by Descent), IBS (Identity by State), or AS (Allele Sharing). The output data will consist of the input data set with the columns of the square rooted matrix appended and will have the suffix _rm appended to the file name.
Do not check this box if you wish to perform K Matrix Compression because the K Matrix Compression process should be run on the original relationship matrix -- not the square root. The root of the compressed matrix will be computed in K Matrix Compression to meet the format requirements for the Q-K Mixed Model process.
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