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Family Association Tests
Use this parameter to specify the type of family-based association tests to be performed using SAS PROC FAMILY.
Family genotype data, though difficult to collect, often provide a more effective way of testing markers for association with disease status than case-control data. Case-control data can uncover significant associations between markers and a disease that could be caused by factors other than linkage, such as population structure. Analyzing family data by using the SAS FAMILY procedure ensures that any significant associations found between a marker and disease status are due to linkage between the marker and disease loci. This is accomplished by using the transmission/disequilibrium test (TDT) and several variations of it that can accommodate different types of family data.
Available tests are described in the following table:
The TDT test is selected by default. If none of the tests are specified, all are performed.
To Choose One or More Association Tests:
Left-click on a single test, or press and hold Ctrl while left-clicking on multiple tests.
For More Information:
Refer to the SAS PROC FAMILY documentation for additional details.