Parameters | Genetics | Preliminary Delimiter Separating Annotation Categories (Enclose in Quotes)

Preliminary Delimiter Separating Annotation Categories (Enclose in Quotes)
This feature is used to specify the character string used to separate multiple values contained within the same row in the category variable.
For example, for a column of annotations like those typically provided by Affymetrix, the string /// separates distinct categories. This is seen in the figure below:
The Pathway column, shown above, lists the functional pathways (metabolic and other) for a number of different gene products. Each row represents a separate gene. In those cases where a gene product functions in more than one pathway, the individual pathways are separated, or delimited, by three forward slashes (///).
Note: There are blanks at the beginning and ending to properly segment the categories.
To Specify a Delimiter:
You must enclose the delimiter within double quotation marks (“”).
For example, to specify /// as the delimiter, type “ /// “ in the field. Be sure to include the blanks before and after the delimiter, within the double quotation marks, as shown below.
Note: If you leave this field blank, then each row is assigned to only one category, which is the value of the Annotation Category Variable.