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QTL Mapping Model Algorithm
Select a QTL mapping algorithm: the EM Algorithm or Haley-Knott Regression.
Available algorithms are described in the table below:
The EM Algorithm1 computes LOD scores from maximum likelihood estimates for model parameters that are generated based on modeling the conditional phenotype as a mixture of normal distributions derived from the QTL genotypes probabilities at each testing location.
The Haley-Knott algorithm2 regresses the genotype probabilities at QTL testing points directly on the trait instead of via a mixture model.
LOD scores are estimated via maximum likelihood method.
Note: This method is a simpler alternative to EM, but should return similar results.

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Haley, C.S. and Knott, S.A. (1992) A simple regression method for mapping quantitative trait loci in line crosses using flanking markers. Heredity 69: 315–324.

To Specify a QTL Mapping Model Algorithm: