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Proximity to Optimal Mapping Order
Use this option to specify a value between 0 and 1 that represents how close the marker order solution should be to the optimal order before the algorithm finishes.
For example, if you specify a value of 0.05, the algorithm will finish when the computed marker order solution is within 5% of the optimal solution (based on minimizing the total genetic map distance for each linkage group). This value is an upper bound; often, the solution will still be much closer (if not equal) to the optimal solution.
Note: This stopping rule is used in conjunction with Maximum Time per Algorithm Iteration (in minutes). If a near optimal solution is not solved within the maximum time allotted, the algorithm might not return a solution within the specified value of optimality.
To Specify the Proximity to Optimal Mapping Order:
Make sure that Map Order Optimization is specified as the Order Algorithm.
Note: This value must be between 0 and 1.